Social Media Management


No more worries about staff posting inappropriate messages to your business account, forgetting to update the Facebook site for weeks, figuring out Twitter or Instagram hashtags or missing client inquiries. Our monthly management service is like having your own in-house marketing and PR department.

Our monthly social media management service includes:

  1. A consultation to discuss your business goals and the tone and style you want to convey to customers.
  2. We’ll design clever and engaging posts that capture attention.
  3. We LOVE photos and so do your fans. That’s why we’ll strive to use photos of your business, your products and services and when needed, we’ll step in and provide stock images.
  4. We’ll make sure the right hashtags are included in your posts so that more people find your business easily.
  5. Monitor what people are saying about your business and your posts. This also lets us flag any issues your customers are having whether it’s with staff or products.
  6. Reply when customers ask questions or want clarification.
  7. Keep your information up to date with things like holiday hours, special events and new sales.
  8. Increase your follower and fan base.
  9. Send you a status report every month so you know how things are going.

We offer social media management for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media networks.