Our Services

Crisis communications: This is where we excel. We’ve worked in the midst of natural disasters, social media storms and communications crises and we’ve lived to tell about it.

Press Releases: 97% of the news releases we’ve written resulted in media exposure.

Political Campaigns: We’ve worked on dozens of election campaigns including nomination meetings, municipal, provincial and federal election campaigns. We know how campaigns work and the rules involved in campaign communication. Good strategy and tactics are vital to getting your platform into the public discourse.

Strategic Communications planning: A good communications plan charts an exact course for your short-term or long-term projects and ensure a good outcome.

Key message/speaking point or Q and A documents: Need help determining exactly what your organization should be saying? These documents set out word-for-word how to answer the tough questions.

       We also offer brochure, poster, post card and ad creation services as

well as copy writing, blogging and graphic design.